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Our Story

DECORATION is an Online Optical Store. Here at De Coration , we aim to provide the latest in  Korean Eyewear Fashion to you at a fraction of the price compared to the actual retail market.  We have up to 40 years of experienced optician team, is definitely trusted by consumers .

The Korean Eyewear Fashion Trend has taken the world by storm with their classy and contemporary designs that had put a whole new meaning into the concept of wearing a pair of glasses into a trend of wearing fashion on your face.

Eyewear is a statement of your identity as the first impression is usually focused on the face above anything else, wearing a pair of Korean Themed  Eyewear by De Coration not just corrects your eyesight problems but also enhances your outlook by leaps and bounds while at the same time you enjoy heaps of savings on your eyewear that is essential in your everyday lifestyle.

As an affiliate associate with De Coration, we work hand in hand together to bring to our customers the latest trends of High Quality Korean Eyewear at very affordable prices, our products update frequently and with our wide variety of choices, there is certainly one that is made just for you.

Feel free to browse our shop frequently to check out the latest updates on Korean Eyewear Fashion, you are sure to find pleasure in our products here at De Coration.

The frames in our shop have been categorised into Four different series.
Each of them is very unique in style and will bring out different characteristics as shown in the descriptions below :


Irregular series is the latest addition to our range of sophisticated eyewear fashion line.

Unconventional yet trendy, different and contrasting, when it comes to standing out from the crowd, our irregular series is your undisputed choice.


Our round allure series is nothing short of being classy and elegant.
If you are into the classical feel or if your looking for timeless elegance, then this is the best choice for you.

- Round Frames universally blends in well with all fashion outlook preferences.

- As in the return of Retro culture, Round frames are also back in fashion.


If you are a fan of simplicity, square will undoubtedly be your perfect choice.
A symbol of maturity that is steady and sturdy, warm and appealing.

- Enhances your image professionally while not losing your grace in style.

- Square frames are known to be more durable and easier to handle.


Our Majestic shades series is the latest addition into De Coration’s wide range of eye wear fashion products.
These classy and trendy shades will certainly redefine your style tremendously while providing protection against the glare of sunlight all at the same time.
Premium build quality, stunning design, durable, appealing and pleasing while still maintaining within a price range that is easy on your wallet.
With De Coration Majestic Shades series, every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway.
Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.
Have fun in these shades.


De Coration是一家線上光學眼鏡商店。在De Coration,我們的目標是為您提供最新的韓國眼鏡時尚,價格只是實際零售市場的一小部分。我們擁有長達40年的經驗豐富的配鏡師團隊,絕對是消費者信賴的。



作為Luna Vision的附屬合作夥伴,我們攜手合作,以非常實惠的價格為我們的客戶帶來高品質韓國眼鏡的最新趨勢,我們的產品經常更新,並且我們有各種各樣的選擇,肯定有一個是專為你而製作。

請隨時瀏覽我們的商店,了解韓國眼鏡時尚的最新消息,您一定會在De Coration享受我們的產品。



IRREGULAR 係列是我們精緻的眼鏡時尚系列的最新成員。



我們的 ROUND ALLURE 系列簡直優雅。

- 圓形框架與所有時尚前景偏好完美融合。
- 在復古文化的回歸中,圓形框架也回歸時尚。


如果您是簡約的粉絲,SQUARE ELEGANCE 無疑將是您的完美選擇。

- 專業地提升您的形象,同時不失風格。
- 已知方形框架更耐用且更易於操作。


我們的 MAJESTIC SHADES 系列是De Coration廣泛的眼鏡時尚產品的新成員。
憑藉De Coration  MAJESTIC SHADES 系列,每一天都是時裝秀,世界就是你的T台。