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Return Policy

What are the conditions to qualify for a return:

My order is damaged upon arrival, what can i do?

Our staff members are trained professionally to ensure all the correct care and supervision are taken on your order until it reaches the postal service office.

However human negligence do occur sometimes beyond our control, in the event that the postal service failed to carry out their duties in an orderly manner causing any damage to occur to your order, you can refer to the methods provided below to request a return from us. 

Please note that we will need to examine the condition of your damaged item first before we can confirm that you qualify for a return of the said product. 

How do i set up a return or exchange?

(I) Take a clear picture of the damaged product with the original packaging by its side and also the postal slip.

(II) Reach us via our Facebook page and one of our trained customer service officer will attend to your matter.

(III) Forward the picture are described in (1) to us and we will examine the situation.

(IV) When we have assess your product and are certain that your product is indeed not in good order we will begin to log in your complaint as a return item. 

(V) In the event that we found the damage was due to our own negligence, we will bear all the postal expenses.

(VI) We are not responsible for any damage during return shipping, so please carefully pack your item to ensure that it is not damage during transit.





然而,如果郵政服務未能有秩序地履行其職責導致您的訂單遭受任何損害,有時人為疏忽確實會發生,我們可以參考下面提供的方法要求我們退貨。 。