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Protective Coating

RM 20.00

【 Protective Coating 】30ML

- Benefit & Key Feature -
Provide an invisible layer protective coating to your lenses .

Improve visibity ,Crystal clear vision anytime of the day , and by the way did we mentioned that it is also portable and lightsweight .

Apply a thin layer of our excluse * DE Protective Coating onto your lenses , and buff with a microfiber lenses cloth , your lenses will be as good as new within seconds .

Distributed by De Coration - Online Glasses Service

Frequent Questions (å¸¸č§é—Žéĸ˜)  


How to choose about lenses index ? (åĻ‚äŊ•é€‰æ‹Šé•œį‰‡)


How to provide your prescription (power) ? (åĻ‚äŊ•æäž›åēĻ数?)

Pre-order Range (éĸ„č´­čŒƒå›´)

All of our 1.61 & 1.67 Photogray , 1.74  and sunglasses lenses (degrees) are tailor-made (pre-order) and your order will be completed in about 14 days after full payment.

High Astigmatism (éĢ˜æ•Ŗ光)

The pricing is included astigmatism within 2.00 ,if exceeding 2.00 degree need to consult customer service. 

About Lenses Index 1.56 & 1.61 & 1.67 (镜į‰‡æŠ˜å°„įŽ‡)  ?