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Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Eyeglasses Preventive Maintenance 

  • Frames that are partially made from natural materials are not advised to be cleaned via ultrasound devices as the heat conducted via this process will distort and bend the frames.

  • Prespiration is the main corrosive factor that will be in contact with  the frames daily, users are advised to maintain cleanliness of their glasses on a regular basis so as to extend the usability of their glasses.

  • Any plastic materials on the glasses are vulnerable to heat, ie sunlight, hot water, users are advised to keep their glasses away from direct sunlight and avoid using hot water or hot liquid substances to clean their glasses.


  • Lenses  : We suggest that users upkeep and maintain their lenses with our patented DE Protective Coating to provide a long term buffer resistance against common wear and tear.


* 不建议通过超声波设备清洁部分由天然材料制成的框架,因为通过此过程传导的热量会使框架变形和弯曲。

* 汗液等酸性物质是镜框腐蚀的主要因素,建议用户定期保持眼镜的清洁度,以便延长眼镜的可用性。

* 眼镜上的任何塑料材料都容易受热,如: 阳光,热水,建议使用者对阳光保持眼镜远离,避免使用热水或热液体物质清洁眼镜。

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* 镜片:我们建议用户使用我们的专利DE防护涂层保养和维护镜片,以提供长期缓冲抵抗常见磨损

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